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I am into research and an artist,painter,photographer,and a designer.It means creativity is my forte but I am yet to see my success its not that I am not succeeded I succeeded but my path of glory is to serve the whole mankind thus my MENTORS are Mr BONO,LATE,MJ,and few people only I follow it again required a lots of beliefs to pursue the roads of unknown I wish to meet here some billions of individuals whomay agree with me GOD BLESS and I wishing you akk to join me like THE GREAT JOHN LENNON SANG THAT FAMOUS SONG "IMAGINE" I know one day u all will join me I M NOT ALONE Thanks to Mr David Kolle with this hope I joined u all and hope to see u all dear friends tomake this world a BETTER PLACE Through "VRDAWORLD" Dont v?ONLY U AND ME CAN DO THINGS THAT V CANT THINK SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO BUT V and VRDAWORLD

Hello world!

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